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What I saw outside the window, kept me from sleeping.

In a waiting room, inside a tower, Isla waits for her number to be called.
A young woman finally understands her fate.
And a young man faces a stark decision.

In the midst of a bleak and terrifying world, Enda Walsh has dared to imagine a strange, tender love story.

Landmark Productions and Galway International Arts Festival are proud to present Arlington, written and directed by Enda Walsh and choreographed by Emma Martin.

Starring Charlie Murphy, Hugh O’Conor and Oona Doherty – and reuniting the world-class creative team behind Misterman, Ballyturk and The Last Hotel Arlington is a compelling ode to the human spirit and its powers to endure.

Written and directed by Enda Walsh
Choreographed by Emma Martin

Set and Costume Designer          Jamie Vartan
Lighting Designer                         Adam Silverman
Sound Designer                            Helen Atkinson
Composer                                      Teho Teardo
Video Designer                              Jack Phelan

Isla                                                   Charlie Murphy
Young Man                                     Hugh O’Conor
Young Woman                               Oona Doherty

Featuring the voices of Olwen Fouéré, Helen Norton and Stephen Rea