Arlington - a new play by ENDA WALSH

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Enda Walsh on Róisín Meets

Enda Walsh sits down to chat to Irish Times journalist Róisín Ingle. Listen in here. 

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Enda Walsh: ‘It should bypass the intellect and go straight to the bones’

He considers himself ‘a profoundly Irish writer’ but this month marks Enda Walsh’s Abbey main stage debut. Andrew Lynch talks to the playwright about this career milestone, losing David Bowie and why he’s not interested in simple, linear narratives. Enda…

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Enda Walsh and Charlie Murphy on Sundays with Miriam

Enda Walsh and Charlie speak to Miriam O’Callaghan during production of Arlington at the Abbey Theatre. Listen back here. 

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Charlie Murphy is drawn back into the darkness with new show Arlington

Enda Walsh’s new play might have dancing, but his trademark air of menace is never far from the surface, its star Charlie Murphy tells Maria Rolston CHARLIE Murphy says she would have “done anything — I’d happily have recorded a…

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Hugh O’Conor: from My Left Foot to working with Enda Walsh

If you find yourself in the middle of Dublin with a few minutes to kill, you should visit the National Gallery and steal a look at a woman who will not return your gaze. This, according to her name badge,…

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Poetry and death collide in Enda’s new love story

‘Did you ever write?” asks Enda Walsh. “Yeah,” says Charlie Murphy. Playwright and actress are sitting together because Charlie, who you might know as Siobhan from Love/Hate, is starring in Enda’s brand new play, Arlington. “Did you?!” he gasps. “I…

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