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★★★★      ‘a more openly avant-garde piece than some of [Walsh’s] previous creations … Isla (winningly played by Charlie Murphy) … a gorgeous sequence from dancer Oona Doherty … Doherty delivers a compelling set-piece … powerful … Arlington  has humour, but it’s grounded in a deep sadness, a kind of grief and struggle for acceptance about the way life is.  At times, it seems less like a play than a hybrid work of abstract  art … You may leave not knowing everything about what it’s about, but still feel deeply absorbed in its tensions and jagged rhythms, its palpable, heart-throbbing sense of isolation.  As a mood-piece, it’s an intriguing and rewarding drama’

Written by Nadine O’Regan for the Sunday Business Post 17.07.16 –  Read the full review here